Sharks have been increasingly spotted near the shores of America’s East Coast and cownose rays have also been swimming in bizarre patterns, which begs the question: why are they acting so weird?

Most recently a shark was caught off the N.C. coast:

A 17-year-old was also bit by a shark on the same beach not long before, which was the sixth shark attack in the past two weeks.

“Rescue personnel and park rangers responded to the boy, who received what they described as injuries to his right calf, buttocks and both hands while swimming in the Outer Banks on Saturday, according to a post on the National Park Service’s Facebook page,” the AP reported. “The boy was swimming with others when he was bitten, but no one else was hurt, officials said.”

And a hammerhead shark was spotted 20 yards off a Ocean City, Md., beach on Thursday.

Also, cownose rays were recently swimming in bizarre patterns near N.C.’s Outer Banks:

What’s going on here?

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