Press TV
May 24, 2010

An international anti-war organization, the War and Peace Foundation, says continued fatalities of US troops in Iraq is a sign of their involvement in secret operations.

Speaking to Press TV on Saturday, Director of the War and Peace Foundation Kevin Sanders said the fact that the US soldiers are killed off-base in Iraq shows that the US is violating certain restrictions.

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Under an agreement signed between Washington and Baghdad in 2008, the movement of US troops is limited to their bases and all unilateral operations should have technically come to a halt in 2009.

The remarks by Sanders were made about a recent US military statement, announcing that two of its soldiers were killed near Iraq’s northern city of Mosul on Thursday and Friday.

“These are deaths occurred quite literally off-base and that is interesting. One assumes at any given time that the military is up to something that is not revealed… dark or secret operations,” he said.

“Such operations are obviously continued in Iraq. This is my guess, because there is a complete lack of other information. But I think an informed and educated guess would suggest that it [the deaths] has something to do with oil,” Sanders added.

“That is to say that at any given time, the US government wants to have its military or people active as close as possible to the centers of oil,” the director of the War and Peace Foundation concluded.

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