Marc Gallagher
Liberty Maven
July 9, 2009

An addendum the the previous video posted earlier where Ron Paul asked Fed Vice Chair questions during a Federal Reserve hearing here is the second set of questions from Dr. Paul for the 2nd panel.

He asks Dr. Allan Metzger about the difference between the term “independence” and “transparency”. He then expresses a bit of tongue and cheek shock that James Kenneth Galbraith (also on the panel) brought up the Constitution in his opening testimony, and a few other questions. Galbraith then agrees that he believes Paul’s HR1207 is proper, that members of Congress are entitled to the information an audit would provide.

You can view all the opening statements regarding this hearing at this House Finanacial Services Committee web page.

Watch this latest clip below and look for video of Ron Paul’s opening statement a bit later.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video


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