Former US congressman Ron Paul says governments deceive people over the threat of the Ebola virus, although it is a very, very serious illness.

“I do know that governments deceive us and sometimes they hide things. I don’t think we are going to see in the next year a horrendous breakout of Ebola in this country,” Paul said on Thursday.

“That would be my suspicion. But in the same sense, we should not ignore the fact that it is a very deadly disease.”

The physician offered the chemical DDT as a “viable alternative for treatment,” Voices of Liberty reported

Some experts, however, say DDT is a controversial insecticide that may cause serious health effects.

“The absolute proof of the danger of DDT was never — as far as I’m concerned — proven,” Paul said.

“Instead, what we use is very expensive organic phosphates, which do kill people.”

“They are very dangerous to the human being. But I think if we try to put this in a better perspective, if DDT isn’t quite as dangerous as they said, and you could save a million people a year from getting this illness, maybe we should think about it.”

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