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March 27, 2009

TAMPA — A proposed law would make flu shots mandatory for any child about to enroll in a child care facility.

[efoods]The proposed law would affect children by making sure they had the vaccination before they are allowed to attend preschool.

Pediatrician John McCormick said he thinks parents should be vaccinating their children even without the law.

“It’s naturally a good idea to go ahead and do this in the daycare setting,” he said.

McCormick said that, in the past, there have been supply issues, but he doesn’t foresee that being as much of a problem. However, the financial aspect of the vaccination is a concern

“The only true hold back is cost,” he said.

While the proposed law makes its way through Tallahassee, Maria Lopez, the owner of Tampa’s Play Care, is already taking steps to prevent the spread of the flu. She requires all of her employees to get the flu shot, and she hopes it will be made mandatory for the kids, too.

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