A new Quinnipiac poll found Americans support the use of ground troops against ISIS by a 2-1 margin, with 62% support sending ground troops against ISIS versus only 30% who oppose.

Democrats support ground troops 53-40, while independents support the possibility by 60-35. Even younguns, aged 18-34, overwhelmingly support the measure. (Quinnipiac should have polled the possibility of reinstituting the draft.) Meanwhile 39% worry that military efforts will go too far, while 53% worry it will not go far enough.

These numbers are a culmination of a sea change that started last summer, when ISIS’ beheading videos and a steady stream of hawks on the Sunday shows combined to increase public support of grounds troops. Previously a war-weary American public had disdained of yet another Middle East troop deployment, with only 37% supporting ground troops.

Quinnipiac did not explicitly distinguish between the limited use of ground forces and a heavier deployment. An NBC News/Marist poll last month found a plurality (40%) supported “limited” troop deployment, with an even split between those favoring heavier deployment and no troops at all.

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