The majority of Europeans said they believe “things are going in the wrong direction,” from 41% to 54%, an increase of 13% from 2015, according to an EU commissioned poll.

“Europeans feel that their voice counts less and less, both at national and at European level. However, in 26 of the 28 Member States, they felt that their voice counts more in their own country than at the EU level,” the poll, called the Parlemeter, states.

On average only 37% of people feel their voice is heard in the EU.

And in some countries, like Greece, only 31% believe EU membership is beneficial to their country.

The UK voted to leave the EU in June, sending a massive blow to the status quo.

With rising nationalism driving events like Brexit and the Trump presidency, the global elite are bracing for more countries to abandon their EU membership in the coming months as key elections are decided.

Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s nationalist movement, says the momentum from Trump’s stunning victory has greatly increased their chances of winning the upcoming 2017 presidential election.

“Donald Trump has made possible what was presented as completely impossible,” Le Pen told CNN. “So it’s a sign of hope for those who cannot bear wild globalization.”

“They cannot bear the political life led by the elites.”

Likewise, Austria’s far-right presidential candidate Norbert Hofer told reporters: “Wherever the elites distance themselves from voters, those elites will be voted out of office.”

Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, said Trump’s recent victory was a “revolution” that should be imitated across Europe.

The upcoming political battles over the next year will reveal to the elites in Brussels whether Europeans want to be dictated by unelected bureaucrats or will instead take back their national sovereignty and decide their own immigration, monetary and trade policies.

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