While the nation and the media are fixated on the case of robbery suspect Mike Brown, police violence continues unabated.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson might want to take up the case of David Flores, a man viciously beaten by police for a suspected victimless crime.

But then Mr. Flores is not black. He is Hispanic and his case does not fit neatly in the race driven agenda of Sharpton, Jackson and the Mike Brown activists.

Unlike Brown, Flores was not killed. However, the unborn child of his girlfriend, Mayra Lazos-Guerrero, may die following the treatment she received at the hands of the police.

In addition to beating Flores and attacking his pregnant girlfriend for engaging in a suspected non-violent crime – a crime arranged by an undercover cop – the police stole the tablet of a bystander, Levi Frasier, who recorded the brutal incident on the device.

The FBI decided to investigate the incident after a Fox affiliate in Denver broadcast the story.

Will activists storm the Denver police station and demand justice for David Flores and his pregnant girlfriend? Will they loot and burn stores? Will they threaten journalists in the name of justice?

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