Press TV
January 8, 2012

US Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry has blasted the Obama administration’s decision to withdraw American troops from Iraq, saying he would send them back to the oil-rich country to limit the Iranian clout.

Speaking during ABC/Yahoo GOP presidential debate in New Hampshire on Saturday, Texas governor said he would redeploy US troops back to Iraq to protect against what he called Iran’s influence on the country, Los Angeles Times reported.

“I think the idea that we allow the Iranians to come back into Iraq and take over that country, with all of the treasure, both in blood and money, that we have spent in Iraq because this president wants to kowtow to his liberal, leftist base and move out those men and women – he could have renegotiated that timeline,” Perry said.

“I think it is a huge mistake,” the Republican candidate, who is struggling to gain his footing in the upcoming primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina, argued.

Experts say Perry’s remarks suggest that several American officials are intensifying their long-standing efforts to re-occupy Iraq.

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