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October 5, 2011

In Leon Panetta’s recent interview with CNN, the former CIA director [and current Secretary of Defense] invokes a series of patsy terror attacks, such as the Fort Hood shooting and the recent drone (model airplane) attack, to reinforce the new line that the greater threat than al Qaeda is “the lone individual who is here and has become self-radicalized.” In a mere 12 minutes Panetta manages to hit every major note of the scam that is the War on Terror, even throwing in cybersecurity and Iran for good measure.

Perhaps most amazing is Panetta’s repetition that NY could be a target by “someone who decides to basically put on a suicide vest and go into the subway in New York City.” Of all the possibilities this seems the least likely. Even 60 Minutes featured the high-tech NY surveillance apparatus that monitors nearly every square inch, making this potential “easy” scenario a disingenuous (and worrisome) choice to feature.

We should also take into account Obama’s recent statement (and Panetta concurs) that another 9/11-style attack requiring a mass deployment response is unlikely over the next couple of years. Panetta quickly adds that more targeted capabilities such as the drone killing of American Anwar al-Awlaki will always be available, even as Ron Paul has stated that it could be an impeachable offense. Now that the CIA has direct military control, we are assured to see a change in public focus to black ops and shadow war techniques.

Hearing Panetta lash the Super Congress for weakening defense, we should now be on heightened alert for attacks on “soft” targets that can be used to justify a reversal in the decision to cut spending. Or, might a military coup and martial law be the solution to this big problem?

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