Press TV
October 3, 2008

US Republican vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin, has said that nuclear Pakistan poses a grave threat to the Zionist regime.

“We will have to assure Israelis that there will be no more holocaust with them,” Palin said during the TV debate.

Democratic vice presidential hopeful Joe Biden also agreed with Palin on the point that Pakistan is perilous and termed its nuclear weapons insecure.

The remarks come as two running mates debated for 90 minutes on a stage at Washington University, their only encounter of a campaign with little more than one month to go November elections.

They noticed that India and Israel could be targeted by Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

Earlier, Pakistan had lashed out at the West for adopting double standards over nuclear policy and dubbing Pakistan’s nukes as ‘Islamic bomb’.

Pakistani think-tanks questioned the Western power intention, asking why the other bombs were not being named as ‘Hindu bomb’ or ‘Zionist bomb’?

Pakistan says its nukes are in the safe hands and accuses Israel for launching massive propaganda against the country’s nuclear program.

Pakistani intelligence services have suspected time and again the Mossad’s spies of planning a strike against the sensitive nuke instillations in the country.

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