Paris investigators have revealed that the Pakistani migrant who attacked and injured two people outside of the former office of magazine Charlie Hebdo is actually 25 and not 18 as he had previously claimed.

Originally identified as 18-year-old “Hassan Ali,” the man’s true name has been revealed as Zaheer Hassan Mehmood and is 25-years-old. French media have also revealed social media posts prior to the attack showing the 25-year-old calling France a “land of disbelievers”.

The video, which a report from French newspaper Le Figaro claims was taken the morning of the attack or a day before it, shows the attacker emotional while singing and speaking in Urdu.

Alex jones interviews David Icke after his speech to thousands in Trafalgar Square on September 26, was attacked by riot police storming the stage.

A source close to the investigation told Le Figaro that the video was meant to express his anger and disgust at the republishing of the Mohammed cartoons by Charlie Hebdo ahead of the trial for the attacks on the magazine’s offices in January 2015 that left twelve people dead.

The 25-year-old, who had originally applied for asylum as a minor three years ago, is said to have come to France by travelling through Iran, Turkey and then either Greece or the Balkan states.

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