October 6, 2011

Some of the more interesting sounds and sights from the ongoing protests, in addition to recent End the Fed protests, set to a pertinent track by Infowars writer Steve Watson’s band Long Dead Kings.

You can download the track for free here

Ode To The oligarchs:

Though you feed on the whites of my eyes
And you have seen through the space in my pride
I will leave here stronger than you
I believe what I tell is the truth

Oh when they lower you down
And you lay six feet under ground
Will you still need your lies and your fear?
You’ll only remember one life

Though you make from the s*** that you do
And you can gain from not what but from who
Everything’s of infinitely more worth
When there’s nothing that you’ve ever earned

Oh when you’re facing the flames
And you’re placed on a wall full of names
Will you still need your money and ties?
You’ll only remember one life

Seeing what you have sacrificed,
Knowing what you have sold,
All for power through a sterile life,
It must leave you so cold
Withered and old
You’ll die before we do

Though you rise from a state of decline
Like the pheonix when it comes the time
We’ll be traveling a distance unbound
And you’ll be left rotting in the cold ground

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