We have all been saying it for years… All roads lead to Obama. What was once speculation of the obvious has become the facts that have the left scrambling.

The release of real evidence from the DOJ tying Obama to the coup of the next administration has been slowly seeping out. While the Coronavirus intensity played cover in April of 2020 the DOJ released this telling email revealing POTUS control saying as the Gateway Pundit reported:

GP-We need to discuss what happens if DOJ directs us, or directly tells, VPOTUS or anyone else about the [redacted] specifically w/r/t [with regards to] what we do directly with him.  I think it will be very difficult not to do some sort of overt step with him, a defensive briefing or interview under light “defensive briefing” pretext unless WH specifically directs us not to.

And now, Richard Grenell the Acting Director of National Intelligence moved to declassify information about the Obama administration officials who were behind the “unmasking” of Michael Flynn and their names could soon be made public, a source confirmed.

Fox News confirmed that a new round of documents is expected and the unmasking concerns events between the November 2016 election and Inauguration Day 2017, Fox News is told.

But beyond the political sinkhole that the Obamanites have found themselves standing on, there is a far more sinister element to ripping the band-aid off of this scandalous power play for the ages and that can be found in the laptop of disgraced politician Anthony Weiner.

If former FBI Director James Comey finally faces the music on his fake and unconstitutional investigation of General Michael Flynn, shouldn’t the investigation of Hillary’s illegal server and the alleged insurance policy on Weiner’s laptop that allegedly sickened veteran NYPD officers and then resulted in the wave of suicides following the witnessing of said alleged video documenting unspeakable terror on children by none other than Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton be investigated or released?

Shouldn’t we get to the bottom of all of the Obama Administration’s criminality once and for all before another Obamanite steps into the Oval Office?

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