A new release from the malicious leaker or leakers known as The ShadowBrokers contains evidence the National Security Agency hacked a banking network used to transfer money between financial institutions. 

“This is by far, the most interesting release from Shadow Brokers as it does not only contains tools,” researcher Matt Suiche, founder of UAE-based cyber security firm Comae and the Dubai cybersecurity conference OPCDE, wrote in a Medium post.

The ShadowBrokers first appeared last summer, trying to auction stolen hacking tools from the Equation Group, who were long believed to be affiliated with the NSA.

The first dumps by the Brokers were source code the group hoped would prove they had the wares they claimed to be selling. The code appears to be authentic. The Intercept identified a secret, unique tracking code mentioned in one hacking tool released by the Brokers that matched a code in an unreleased file from the Edward Snowden archives.

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