A video uploaded Tuesday by Boko Haram shows several militants, their faces covered with scarves, claiming that the Nigerian Muslim extremist group is in control of their territory and that African coalition armies have not made meaningful advances in the days since President Muhammadu Buhari’s inauguration on Friday. The video pokes fun at claims from the Nigerian military that it has reduced Boko Haram’s capabilities in recent months.

The video has three parts: One in which a speaker claims control over Maiduguri in northeastern Nigeria and that Boko Haram is in possession of military ID cards of dead Nigerian soldiers, another with militants fighting in a field and shooting fallen soldiers, and a third with the militants inspecting what they claim is a downed jet.

The video follows a string of attacks since Friday that have left dozens dead in northeastern Nigeria. A suicide bombing Tuesday killed up to 20 people at a cattle market in Maiduguri, and 30 people were killed in fighting over the weekend, the Associated Press reported. Heavy gunfire and bombing was heard elsewhere in Maiduguri Tuesday.

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