According to the Brookings Institution, only the economy is of more concern to Americans than the Islamic State.

It cites a Quinnipiac University poll released last week showing nearly 70 percent of respondents believe the Islamic States poses a direct threat to the United States.

“As economic worries gradually subside, concern about terrorism is on the rise.  The survey finds that terrorism now trails only the economy on the list of top public priorities,” Brooking notes.

Remarkably, if the Quinnipiac University numbers can be believed, a majority of Americans want to send U.S. combat troops to Iraq and Syria to battle ISIS.

These sentiments translate into broad support for much more assertive policies.  The Quinnipiac survey found that by a stunning margin of 62 to 30 percent, the American people now support sending U.S. ground troops to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  That figure includes majorities of Democrats and Independents as well as Republicans, women as well as men, and young adults as well as seniors.  And 68 percent are “very confident” or “somewhat confident” that the United States and its allies can defeat ISIS.

Brookings is a foundation supported by the Rockefellers, the Ford Foundation (in other words, the CIA), bankers (Goldman, Sachs & Co., Citigroup Foundation, and J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation) and the war merchants (Raytheon, General Dynamics, and Lockheed Martin).

It is rather poignant how easily crude and transparently fake propaganda turned a war weary nation around — that is, again, if we can trust the results of the Quinnipiac survey and other corporate polls.

Corporate Media Ignores Manufactured Nature of Islamic State

Strictly avoided by the corporate media as it hypes the supposed threat to Americans by ISIS is the group’s obvious manufactured nature.

“In the wake of 9/11 US news media seldom asked about the origins of Al Qaeda — particularly how it was a product of US intelligence agencies,” writes Prof. James F. Tracy. “With the history of Al Qaeda omitted, the Bush administration was permitted to wage war on Afghanistan almost immediately following those staged attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

“Yet as is much the case with today’s manufactured ISIS phenomenon, that history was readily available, and its careful public examination might have implicated the United States intelligence community in the 9/11 attacks.”

Media Lens, in examining the “comic book simplicity of propaganda,” notes that the massive campaign in favor of an ISIS war has diverted “attention away from uncomfortable truths.”

The Threat of Economic Terror

One such truth cited by Brookings is the economy. The establishment scholars at Brookings insist that the economic worries of the American people are gradually subsiding, presumably in response to yet another massive propaganda campaign — one promoting the narrative that the economy is recovering.

In fact, the world faces the prospect of a financial crash of historical proportion.

“Anyone with even a minimal amount of intelligence should be able to see the massive financial bubbles that the central banks of the world have created, and anyone with even a minimal amount of intelligence should be able to see that we are heading for a massive financial implosion which will be extraordinarily painful,” writes Michael Snyder.

Snyder believes the American public as been “zombified” by dangerous propaganda.

“Instead of thinking for themselves, they let ‘the matrix’ do their thinking for them.  And right now ‘the matrix’ is telling them that everything is going to be just fine in 2015.”

This same zombification process is at work in the effort to turn the war on terror into a forever war that serves the needs of the military industrial complex, its associated banks and other related corporations, and the geopolitical objectives of the global elite.

Insider think tanks fueled by corporate and bankster dollars tell us ISIS is a dire threat to the homeland when it obviously is not. So far, the only “terrorists” apprehended in America pledging allegiance to ISIS were created by the FBI and the Justice Department.

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