March 17, 2009 | If you watch the cable “news” behemoths, you can’t avoid the war between Fox News and everybody else. The latest entirely forgettable incident involves Fox’s Steve Doocy, who attempted to tie rival CNN to former CNN employee, Mauricio Funes, the recently elected president of El Salvador. “I wonder if he is just on a leave of absence from CNN, which, given his political inklings CNN could stand for the Communist News Network,” said Doocy, who often goes off half-cocked, but then maybe not. As if to add insult to injury, another Fox talking head said the leader of Venezuela is Caesar Chavez, not Hugo Chavez. (See a video of the exchange on Raw Story.)

Fair and balanced… or maybe brain-dead when it comes to facts.

CNN is not “communist,” but then maybe it is, considering the bankers created communism as a version of “authoritarian socialism” of the sort they’d like to see ruling the world. There is evidence enough that William Boyce Thompson — a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a large stockholder in the Rockefeller-controlled Chase Bank, and a financial associate of the Guggenheims and the Morgans — contributed to the Bolshevik Revolution. Wall Street’s Guaranty Trust also funded revolutionary activities in Mexico and the 1912 Sun Yat-sen revolution in China (a precursor to Mao’s communist revolution). Wall Street financiers also funded the rise of Hitler. “The Soviets have long accused Wall Street bankers of backing international fascism, but their own record of historical accuracy hardly lends their accusations much credence in the West, and they do not of course criticize support of their own brand of fascism,” writes Antony C. Sutton.

CNN is no more communist than Fox and vice versa — both are shills for the ruling elite, determined to befuddle us with incessant false right-left nonsense and safely derail any serious argument.

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