Melinda Gates: Where’s the Controversy in Saving Lives?

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman
Life Site News
July 15, 2012

Melinda Gates has issued a new cartoon video seeking to justify her campaign to “help” the poor in Africa and Asia by injecting women with Depo-Provera and other dangerous abortion-inducing contraceptive drugs. It shows brown and black women, whose bodies all have the shape of potatoes, smiling and frolicking with their progressively fewer children. Presumably, they’re overjoyed at the thought that a rich white lady has prevented them from propagating.

Fathers, and men in general, are completely absent from the video—Gates’ “families” consist by the end of the video of one woman with one child. The omission is in keeping with her liberationist theme pitting wives against their husbands, portrayed as oppressors. According to her statements to the TEDxChange conference in Berlin earlier this year, she particularly favors Depo-Provera shots because they enable women to receive them behind their husbands’ backs.

Her latest promo begins with the rhetorical question: “Where’s the controversy in saving lives?”, without the slightest hint of irony at the fact that the entire video is about ensuring that millions of people never live. Gates’s frantic insistence that contraceptives aren’t controversial, repeated in all of her propaganda materials, is particularly rich. Apparently it has never struck her that her “no controversy” slogan does nothing more than testify to the controversial nature of her schemes. Pro-lifers should thank her, in fact, for reminding everyone.

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