CNN is promoting the globalist plan for a European superstate by uniting all of Europe into one country ruled by unelected technocrats, much like Adolf Hitler’s rule over Europe in the early stages of World War II.

CNN even “interviewed” former ambassador Christopher Hill on Sunday who advocated the takeover of sovereign European nations, such as Germany, Greece and France, and merging them into one nation.

“The only way to make Europe more than the sum of member-state diplomacies is to make it into a real state,” he wrote, which CNN quoted. “Multi-level governance may be just about satisfactory for managing mountains of butter, but it is barely suitable for making decisions about guns.”

The interview was little more than a propaganda piece; Hill, who’s now the Dean of the University of Denver, has not been in public service since 2010 and CNN fed him leading questions without challenging any of his viewpoints.

CNN even claimed that Britain “might be consumed with internal chaos for years” after leaving the EU and that neighboring nations “will suffer,” but the network failed to mention the UK never voted to join the unelected, EU bureaucracy in the first place.

The entire “interview” was designed to condition viewers into accepting a European superstate which only Hitler has accomplished during the height of Nazi power in 1942, which also saw technocrats in positions of power.

Other EU globalists are also promoting the ‘State of Europe,’ with French and German foreign ministers unveiling a superstate “ultimatum” with a “EU military” that replaces the militaries of EU nation-states.

“The totalitarian proposals will strip the sovereignty of member states and the ability to have an army,” Kurt Nimmo reported. “The criminal law system and central banks will also be removed and run by bureaucrats in Brussels.”

The EU technocrats are claiming the “EU military” is a response to Brexit, but they’re lying; as Infowars reported on June 23, a plan for a EU military was outlined months before, but kept hidden from the public until the day after Brexit.

“While the plan clearly lays the framework for a European Union army, details will not be released publicly until the day after the Brexit vote so as not to inflame public opinion in the UK,” Clifford Cunningham reported. “Only a small group of EU political and security committee ambassadors, who are required to leave their electronic devices outside a sealed room, can read the proposal; however, they are allowed to take and remove handwritten notes.”

“Despite being dismissed by many, including former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat) who referred to the idea as ‘dangerous fantasy,’ numerous high-level officials in the EU have suggested the idea in the past.”

The technocrats want to destroy national sovereignty because they believe the population should be ruled by an unelected, technical elite, rather than representatives elected by the people.

“The progenitors of technocracy include academic professors [like Christopher Hill], philosophers, inventors, social activists and prominent members of society,” Patrick M. Wood wrote in his book Technocracy Rising. “Setting differences aside, one can easily identify some common threads: rejection of capitalism, distributed wealth state-ownership of industry, rule by experts instead of politicians, historical and societal evolution as guides for the future, the preeminence of science and the exclusion of Biblical Christianity.”

Thus it shouldn’t be hard to see why Bill Gates, George Soros, Paul Ryan, the Bush family and Pope Francis have so much in common despite their supposed differences.

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