Not content to wait for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando, Florida to be removed from the scene, the mainstream media began to exploit the tragedy to continue pushing the narrative of more gun control in the United States.

MSNBC host Chris Jansing, in an interview with NBC News correspondent Tom Brokaw, sought to tie the shooting in Orlando to recent shootings in across the U.S. while ignoring the profoundly different circumstances surrounding each of those events.

“Yet again, this country and its psyche, Tom, are dealing with the idea that in any place, anywhere in America…..horror can unfold in the blink of an eye,” she said.

Brokaw, for his part, expressed dismay that “these kind of attacks” have become “far too routine” in the U.S.

Refusing to acknowledge any link between the suspect and his Islamic faith, or refer to the incident as an act of terrorism, Brokaw reserved all of his frustration for the frequency of mass shootings, the availability of firearms in the U.S., and the lack of a national “dialogue” to address those issues.

“The fact is that 50 people are dead this morning as a result of a mass shooting…..I hope that the country can find a way to come together and have a rationale dialogue about where we are, who we are, and how we can get control of these kind of circumstances,” he said.

“I think we owe it to ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to begin that dialogue right now, because these mass shootings are going on every week somewhere in this country,” he added, choosing to ignore the fact that many of the so-called mass shootings in the U.S. are gang-related in cities like Chicago.

Conveniently ignoring their own attempts to use the shooting to advocate for a renewed “national dialogue” (i.e. more gun control), Brokaw expressed dismay over political leaders who were “seeking to exploit the crisis.”

“Think about those families who are not trying to go on Twitter to assign blame. They are in mourning because someone that they lost in a wholly unexpected mass murder, committed probably by an AR-15 rifle, which is an assault weapon built to kill people, but now widely available in this country,” Brokaw said.

Jansing appeared to have a Freudian slip when she referred to a pro-gun control organization as “anti-gun violence,” implying that those who are opposed to gun control are somehow pro-gun violence.

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