Lindsey Graham appeared on Meet the Press and wasted no time calling for a new world war in Syria, saying, “I think ISIS should be Germany, and Assad should be Japan – like World War II analogies.”

The failed presidential candidate and warmongering senator from South Carolina gushed his support for sending more American troops into Syria to topple President Bashar al-Assad and force regime change, and even called for an expansion of programs to ‘train moderate rebels’ to attack the Syrian government – a policy that has proven totally ineffective at best, and a direct empowerment and arming of barbaric jihadists at worst.

Additionally, he asserted that the US should threaten to shoot down Russian jets if they intervene on behalf of their ally.

“You need more American troops to accelerate the demise of ISIL – we’re relying too much on the Kurds,” Graham said. “More American forces – five or six thousand – would attract more regional fighters to destroy ISIL… then you train the opposition to go after Assad.”

“That’s how he’s taken out by his own people, with our efforts, and you tell the Russians, ‘If you continue to bomb the people we trained, we’ll shoot you down.’

“Here’s what I think Assad is telling Trump by flying from this base: ‘F you.’” he said.

Clearly delighted with Graham’s crass bravado, a laughing Todd replied, “I have to say – you used the initials, but I think that’s a first for Meet the Press… We had a few people watching, and that raised a lot of eyebrows.”

“I’m glad Trump did this,” Graham said. “But he needs to do more to close the deal – there’s a new sheriff in town.”

Graham was on the verge of hyperventilating as he proclaimed that President Trump has the moral obligation and legal authority to carry out an unbridled ground war in Syria, declaring that the Russian government are “war criminals” and that Assad is a direct threat to the United States.

“War criminals don’t police each other very well,” Graham said, without a hint of irony. “The Putin regime is a bunch of war criminals.”

“I don’t intend to vote for anything that limits our ability to win the war against ISIL, or replace Assad.”

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