Mashable, RT and others say the lack of law enforcement and media response less than 24 hours after the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge “has angered some who hoped for a harsher response and tone.”

From Mashable:

Though the FBI, the Harney County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State Police are all aware of the takeover, they have not detailed a plan to remove the militants from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge headquarters, which is in a remote area about 30 miles southeast of Burns.

RT characterized the corporate media response as verging on racism.

The lack of strident response “has, naturally, led to accusations of terrorism by those online who see Bundy’s actions as unlawful, to put it mildly. Those people also believe it is groups like blacks and Muslims who are typically and often unfairly associated with the word. Outrage grew over both a lack of response from the National Guard, as well as the mainstream media’s avoidance of issuing labels where white people are normally concerned.”

Melissa Cronin, writing for Gawker, called the thus far non-violent occupation a “domestic terror situation” and said while “#OregonUnderAttack was trending for most of the day on Sunday, another tag soon followed as a way to combat the reluctance to call a bunch of white men waving around guns at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge terrorists: #YallQaeda. The tag is dumb, yes, but so are these people.”

Twitter has generated a fair share of calls for a militarized and potentially violent response to the occupation:

It is obvious many liberals will not be satisfied until the feds send in armored personnel carriers and tanks and create another Waco siege.

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