One of James O’Keefe‘s investigative journalists went to a Florida campus to walk through the hoops of starting a new club at Barry University in Miami.

It’s not fencing or chess or anything. It’s an ISIS club, you know, to give terrorists flashlights, pencils, money or anything else they might need. And the whole notion of starting this club is a lot easier than it sounds.

On a side note: Among the school’s notable alumni is Shaquille O’Neal.

Even when the fake student (i.e. O’Keefe’s investigative journalist) approaches a school coordinator who helps facilitate the clubs, he doesn’t bat an eye, even when told why she wants to do this and who she wants to assist overseas.

When he sort of gets to the bottom of what she wants to do, he replied, “So you do specifically want to send aid to ISIS?”

At another juncture, she point blank told a university higher-up that the club wants to send money to ISIS.

Fake student: ”A lot of the fighters . . . can’t see at night, you know? So like people are attacking them and they can’t see at night. And because like they are poor they don’t have night vision and stuff so they wanted flashlights so they could like better protect themselves.”

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