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January 1, 2014

Alright it’s deeper than this, because it traces directly to back to Satan, but let’s put two and two together here folks.

Number one, what is the country that the “Globalists” who work directly for the Spirit of the Anti Christ, who works for directly for Satan, chose to uplift and militarize and transfer nearly ALL of the wealth and resources of America to? China.

Who did this process really take shape with? Daddy Bush. During the 1980′s China was selected by the Globalists to be the military arm of the New World Order. They were given most favored nation trading status for no reason whatsoever. But that’s what they were given.

Who continued the process of transferring everything to China after Daddy Bush left office? Slick Willy Clinton.

After Clinton left office, who took over? Jr. Bush. Who did Jr. Bush ultimately get his orders from? Who’s mission was he carrying on? Daddy Bushe’s. What country then was he continuing to build up behind the scenes? China.

Now, take us to the present moment. If Obama was to be a double agent for any country, before he took the office of the Presidency, what country would he truly be working for then as a double agent? China. That’s right, China.

What country had long ago set it’s sight on the part of the world that we know that Obama comes from? China. What country controls most of ALL of the mineral resources and sets the policies and precedents for that part of the world? China.

Who then, is Obama really carrying out an agenda for? China. Who sits at the seat of power behind the agenda that brought to China to where it currently is at? The Anti Christ. What country has it’s sights on the Middle East to invade it in order to capture that part of the World, including eventually Israel, for the Anti Christ, and ultimately, the Devil? China. Who is the “King of the Mongols” written about in prophecy? China.

Who then, is the REAL enemy who is destroying America from within, and setting up Russia for a giant fall? China. Who has it’s soldiers surrounding both countries at the moment? China.

That’s right folks. IT’S CHINA.

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