ISIS urged its followers Tuesday to escalate attacks against Christians, Shiites and Sunni Muslims fighting with a U.S.-led coalition against the ultra-radical group.

Followers should turn the holy month of Ramadan into a time of “calamity for the infidels … Shiites and apostate Muslims,” ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani said in an audio message. He urged more attacks in Iraq, Syria and Libya. “Muslims everywhere, we congratulate you over the arrival of the holy month,” he said. “Be keen to conquer in this holy month and to become exposed to martyrdom.”

Adnani also called on Sunnis in Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia to rise against “tyrannical leaders” and warned them against advancing Shiites, pointing to the treatment of Sunnis under the Shiite-led government in Iraq and the Alawites of President Bashar Assad in Syria.

He said his group was undeterred by the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS, which has seized large areas of Iraq and Syria and proclaimed a caliphate. “We will continue, God willing, in our path and will not care even if many nations gang up against us or how many swords we are struck by,” he said.

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