The final days of ISIS in Mosul are now in sight, as the remaining terrorists try to take as many civilian lives as they can.

Only one small district in the Western part of the city remains under ISIS control, approximately 3 percent of the area of West Mosul. The fighting is now in the neighborhood of Al Shifa near the Tigris River, and next to it the so-called Old City, according to Major General Joseph Martin, the commander of the Combined Land Forces Component Command for Operation Inherent Resolve.

Iraqi Federal Police units are fighting house-to-house and through narrow streets and alleys where thousands of hapless civilians are locked inside to protect ISIS fighters from air strikes, according to Ali Sada, who publishes Daesh Daily, an anti-ISIS war digest. The Old City contains the grand mosque where Ibrahim Awad Al Baghdadi declared himself ISIS Caliph in June 29, 2014, and which today is believed to be a fortified bunker packed with terrorists and explosives. Baghdadi has not been seen or heard from in more than a year, and some observers believe he is either dead or severely wounded.

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