While the country is broke and Americans whose forefathers founded this nation and paid into the system for generations are being saddled with massive student debt, illegal immigrants are getting $282,220 scholarships and bragging about it on twitter.

These pictures were highlighted earlier today by Jared Wyand on Twitter.

California, Minnesota, New Mexico, Texas and Washington all give illegal aliens millions in financial aid. Many states allow illegals (like the ones who rioted last week in San Jose) to get in-state tuition, which is subsidized by taxpayers.

Wyand shared the following infographic from FairUS.org showing the cost of illegal immigration in the US. It shows the biggest cost by far is for education.

The 13 million illegals number should be taken as a low estimate. As Ann Coulter has noted, the government doesn’t even know how many illegals are in its prisons, let alone the entire nation. Coulter has speculated the total number of illegal immigrants in the US could be 20 or 30 million.

Despite Americans being looted to the hilt and giving so much of our money away, we’re still demonized as “racist bigots.”

It’s high time we stopped being a nation of cucks and started putting Americans first.

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