Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has accused the European Union of “openly siding with terrorists” as the battle between his government and Brussels continues to escalate, with the migrant crisis and ‘refugee resettlement’ being the core issue at hand.

“Brussels is openly siding with terrorists,” declared Orban in an address to Hungarian parliament. “Those who support migration, want to demolish the fence and would let migrants of uncertain origin, identity and motivation settle in Hungary are acting against the Hungarian nation.”

“As long as I am the Prime Minister of Hungary and stand here, so will the border fence on the southern border.”

Hungary has been in the process of fortifying its physical border security, including implementation of an electrified fence on their border with Serbia, Infowars reported last month.

“Hungarian media was tipped off when border officials installed new electrocution warning signs in Arabic, Hungarian and Serbian on the fence,” wrote Kit Daniels. “The Hungarian government said it would further equip the fence with ‘night vision cameras, thermal imaging cameras, and motion detection systems.'”

Orban drew a clear distinction between his policy of defending Hungary and Europe from an invasion of economic migrants and potential criminals from Africa and the Middle East, and the position of the EU government-media complex which defames all forms of nationalism, protectionism and anti-globalism as ‘racist,’ ‘extremist’ and somehow ‘anti-European.’

“Hungary is not, and has never been, anti-European,” he said. “Quite the contrary, the government represents a true European position, protecting the current European treaty, including the original sharing of competences between the member states and Brussels.”

“It is Brussels rather than Hungary that has changed its position.”

“We want a Hungarian Hungary and a European Europe,” he continued. “We cannot allow Brussels to take over managing our affairs.”

Orban’s administration is under siege from Brussels, who have initiated legal proceedings after Hungary, along with Poland and the Czech Republic, refused to accept ‘refugee resettlement’ quotas.

Budapest is also locked in battle with George Soros as the Hungarian-born, former Nazi asset, attempts to destabilize the country and Europe at large through his network of NGOs and operatives, and a push for an ‘open society’ with unbridled immigration and complete adherence to the destructive policies set forth by unelected EU bureaucrats.

“Let’s not risk [Hungary’s future] for the sake of some foggy utopia, call it the United States of Europe, open society or whatever else,” said Orban, in reference to both Soros and the EU’s goals, echoing his own sentiments expressed in an interview in April, in which he said, “So let me repeat: these [open borders theories] are conceived in the Soros workshop, and these have also infiltrated a number of international institutions.”

“We must make their operations transparent, and we must make clear that often it’s not about the principles of human rights, but about greed and the migrant business.”

Orban’s statements were bolstered by his human resources minister, Zoltán Balog, who told Polish outlet wSieci that the European Commission is “incompetent, helpless and weak” in its handling of the migrant crisis.

“Balog said that ‘several million people are heading for Europe’ and the community should come up with clear rules of immigration, but ‘it is up to member states to decide who they want to live together with,'” reports Daily News Hungary. “Hungary will fight ‘arbitrary measures’ by the EU and ‘it will do its utmost’ because it thinks that ‘migrant quotas are illegitimate and hazardous.'”

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