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January 26, 2013

Arianna Huffington and Lloyd Blankfein announced Thursday that Goldman Sachs and the Huffington Post will partner for a new initiative aimed at job creation, according to a piece coauthored by the pair in the Huffington Post.

[…] This past summer, the Huffington Post broke new ground in the way the media commonly report economic news. Frustrated by the relentless coverage of disaster, tragedy and scandal in traditional media sources, the Huffington Post launched “What is Working,” dedicated to covering stories of progress and success, particularly when it comes to creating jobs in the United States, and brought 100 startup entrepreneurs together at both political conventions to showcase all the different ways they’re creating jobs.

Today, our two organizations are joining forces. Together we will examine what entrepreneurs are doing to drive growth around the world and apply the lessons we have learned.

The new partnership signals a very fast about-face. The Huffington Post attacked Goldman Sachs two days ago for profiting from a global food crisis.

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