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November 8, 2013

Greetings Infowars,

It’s been 3 days in a row that the Huffington Post has been pushing the Rand Paul Plagiarism on the front pages. Also please remember the times they have gone after truthers and reporters like Dan Bodondi. They showed how much they hate truthers by putting that coke head who attacked Dan on the front page. I have no voice but this and my suggestions. The Huffington Post used to be almost 1/3 pornography on its front pages. So much so that I would call them “HUFFPORN” or “PORN TRUTHERS.” Because if there ever was a story about porn they’d be sure to get to the bottom of it. And as a side issue AJ really takes it easy on the Young Turks as well.

Attacking with comedy is something you’ve admitted is very effective against them. I wish Alex, David or somebody would start using these names. The Huffington Post moderators are very sensitive to this because when I began to simply explain that they were nothing more than a pornography outlet they quickly banned me from their website. And now it looks like they are changing their policy of putting porn at the bottom right every day in order to attract viewers. They are the Miley Cyrus of news and everyone knows it. Please attack before that changes.

We take these attacks personally and you are our voice.

Please consider.
Thank You

P.S. Everyone seems to forget how they are controlled and owned by AOL. And how current tv
is now owned by Al Jazeera. These will be the same people accusing Alex of Being un-American. Please keep pushing the Fareed Zar…from CNN plagiarism its very effective. I’m sure Drudge will pick it up since they’ve already pushed a Rachel Maddow Plagiarism story. Besides, Maddow stole all of her material from the writers at Saturday NIght Live, lol.

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