Biden’s de facto army is burning down the West coast under the guise of climate change and critical race theory indoctrination while President Trump doubles down on his efforts towards world peace.

Biden’s meandering speech to the Veterans Roundtable in Tampa, Florida also criticized Trump for his support of the troops and the VA.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s approval rating with the VA is the highest its ever been at 90 percent.

While the Obama-Biden Administration according to PJ Media oversaw “a backlog of VA claims, which had been on the decline when Obama and Biden took office, skyrocketed on their watch. Unprocessed claims exceeded 900,000, with roughly two-thirds of all claims idling for 125 days or longer. From 2011 to 2013, the time it took to process claims increased 40 percent, to an unthinkable 272 days. As a result of this backlog surge the number of veterans who died waiting for care and benefits skyrocketed. And the Obama-Biden administration did nothing….. as reports of falsified waiting lists and unnecessary deaths at hospitals nationwide started being reported by the media, the Obama-Biden administration not only refused to conduct its own investigation, but actually retaliated against whistleblowers.”

Biden is doing more damage than good on the campaign trail, embarrassing the Harris Administration and releasing a campaign app that mistakenly allowed anyone access to millions of voters’ info.

Biden’s two campaign stops in one day appear to reflect the 100 million dollar donation Bloomberg dumped on the Harris Administration as Latino celebrities joined Creepy Joe for his lackluster showing of Latino support.

Meanwhile, Latinos are showing up in droves to support President Trump.

Joe Biden’s lies and boasting will come back to haunt him in a big way when the first debate unfolds on Sept. 29 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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