Catherine Austin Fitts
April 29, 2010

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It makes sense to pause in the outpouring of news about Goldman Sachs to ponder what has happened and the nature of the game that is afoot.

Goldman is the visible target in a game of economic warfare. Who is on the other side is not clear. For want of a better term, let’s call the other party “Mr. Global.”

Mr. Global has arranged for Goldman to be “swarmed” – attacked or threatened with attack by multiple parties, including government agencies, the media and private players, including competitors. Presumably, Mr. Global has serious private and governmental intelligence capabilities and resources. However, Goldman Sachs does too.

We watched the Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein yesterday confirm in testimony on the record that reform was needed, which included passing the financial services reform bill put forward in the Senate by Senator Dodd. We can presume that Mr. Global has made it clear to Goldman that unless they get on board with promoting the bill that things will not go well for them.

So Goldman came to heel in a big way. They sat down, thumped their tail on the floor and licked the hand that feeds them. And they did it in the most public way as all the financial markets watched. Their stock is up this morning. They bought some breathing space. How much is not yet clear.

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