November 13, 2009

Gerald Celente is one of the world’s best trend forecasters. In the following 4-part radio interview, Celente blasts current political and economic “leadership” as beholden to large corporate and financial interests. As I’ve documented, professionals who work with economics are using unprecedented harsh language in attempt to get Americans’ attention to the loss of trillions of our collective dollars. His comments include (paraphrased):

“Too big to fail” banks are anathema to real capitalism.
US economy is like a ruthless mafia ripping-off the American public. The US is being looted.
US economy is no longer capitalism, it’s oligarchies and fascism.
We are witnessing the greatest heist in American history, and the banks are doing it.
“I don’t like getting raped. I don’t like my money going to Goldman Sachs.”
“Do you have eyes to see and a mind to understand? These crimes are an affront to my intelligence.”
Bankers are money junkies lying to get their money fix. We have a criminal gang of money junkies dealing scams to get money from us. They never have enough. And for what? For gambling.
This is no different from the French Revolution.
The money junkies are in for a shock. The second American Revolution has begun.
They are not my political leaders; they are political hacks. We are going back to royalty and serfs.
This country doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, their minds have been deadened looking at presidential reality shows and bowing to political demagogues. What people have to do more than ever is think for themselves.

And reform is not on the way. Senator Bird’s “reform” bill is nothing but empty rhetoric. My favorite economic analyst, Washington’s Blog, gives a great overview. One helpful context to consider is the American economy is suffering from parasites.
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