Melvin Davila Martinez
Planet Infowars
April 7, 2014

Mark Thornton just published a column at advocating for alcohol, specifically beer, to be sold at college football games.

The argument goes that because most fans’ preferred beer is unattainable inside the stadium, they have to sneak in portable liquor, which is usually only available in concentrated “spirits.”

This method invites accidental overconsumption, exacerbating the situation that was supposed to be prevented: drunkenness.

West Virginia University, in recent years, adopted something like Thornton’s suggestion, and their crime decreased by almost half.

It’s an interesting consumer decision analysis, and one worth extending to the realm of tobacco.

Empirical evidence shows that e-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes; possibly even more effective than nicotine patches. Because cigarettes are not illegal, they are able to be smoked, though the government dissuades that practice through vice taxation, and all under the pretense of public health. E-cigarettes are far cheaper than heavily taxed regular cigarettes, making them an attractive option.

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