Hamburg, Germany, is on fire as up to 100,000 left wing extremists have descended upon the city to protest, injuring more than 100 police officers and doing untold damage prior to the start of this weekend’s G20 summit.

Various heads of state and leaders’ wives, including Melania Trump, are currently trapped inside hotels and locked down in place as riot police struggle to maintain order.

“The first lady was unable to leave her residence for G20-related events because her team had ‘not received the all-clear from police to leave,'” a spokesman for Mrs. Trump told DPA, and the President’s motorcade was forced to take a circuitous route to the venue for security reasons.

Scenes from the smoky city skyline look eerily similar to those of Middle Eastern war zones.

“Activists torched more cars, vandalised shops, threw petrol bombs, set fire to patrol vehicles near a police station and even fired flares at the several police helicopters buzzing overhead,” reports AFP. “US President Donald Trump’s armoured presidential limo dubbed ‘The Beast’ made it through but other leaders including the president of Indonesia and delegations were delayed.”

The intentions of these ‘black block’ activists are clear: they hope to ignite chaos across the West, and they are prepared to clash violently with police and military if necessary.

“With 200 people we have shown to millions of people that it’s possible to bring people onto the streets and make clear that we are not going to simply accept everything decided by the people at the top,” said one unnamed activist in Hamburg. “And we believe that we have brought across a pretty good message — that it’s possible to protest and that there is no need to be scared of the police.”

In addition to barbarous mayhem, some anti-capitalist leftists are staging ‘zombie’ marches to demonstrate their ‘political apathy.’

Despite police presence of up to 20,000 officers from all around Germany and Austria, reinforcements are still being called in as ‘protests’ are expected to escalate in ferocity through the weekend.

#NoG20 and ‘Welcome to Hell’ march organizer Andreas Blechschmidt claims that law enforcement’s response has been ‘too rough’ and ‘heavy handed.’

“The police should have reacted proportionally… It wasn’t necessary,” he said. “There are a lot of people injured.”

Politico recently dubbed German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the “leader of the free world,” but Hamburg is just another reminder of how quickly Germany is spiraling out of control under her leadership.

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