Like British workers two hundred years ago who reacted violently to the advance of technology, around 3,000 French cab drivers took to the street on Thursday to protest against technology — specifically, the Uber mobile app that allows consumers to submit a trip request which is then routed to drivers.

The protesting cab drivers interrupted traffic and attacked and vandalized cars at Gare du Nord, a large transportation hub in Paris.

The French government called out riot police to respond to the violence against Uber drivers and their passengers.

The socialist government of France has outlawed the popular app released by an American company. Lawmakers in Amsterdam, Delhi and elsewhere have also banned the app.

On Friday the French government vowed it will crack down on Uber and have declared it to be “illegal.”

Uber has responded by saying it will continue to support the Uber network in France until the country’s high court rules on the legality of the app.

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