Special Forces veteran Matthew Bracken expressed frustration over the apparent lack of an adequate response by the off-duty Orlando Police Officer hired by Pulse Nightclub for security in a recent appearance on the Alex Jones Show.

He also called on those who find themselves in a mass shooting situation to stand up to the attacker to prevent more causalities.

“What about this security guard that nightclub had? The Pulse Nightclub needs to get its money back for the off-duty police officer,” Bracken suggested, questioning why there have been very few reports detailing how many rounds the off-duty Orlando Police Officer, hired for security by Pulse Nightclub, fired at Mateen when he began opening fire at 2:02 AM.

“If you’re a sheepdog, and a wolf with bloody fangs runs into your herd of sheep, there should be either a dead wolf or a dead sheepdog,” he added.

Bracken’s concerns about the law enforcement response to the shooting are not unique, as some media outlets and experts have begun calling into question why the Orlando Police Department waited nearly three hours to send in a SWAT team to free the 30 hostages held by Mateen, citing an evolution in policy regarding mass shootings since Columbine.

“The high death toll at Columbine prompted a reevaluation, with officers often opting to confront a shooter on the rampage as soon as possible, before he or she can inflict further carnage,” said Nigel Duara of the Los Angeles Times. “When the Bataclan theater in Paris was attacked by three heavily armed gunmen in November, tactical police units raided the hall within 35 minutes.”

Stuart Cameron, Suffolk County, New York’s Chief of Patrol, who has written several articles regarding police protocol when dealing with an active shooter situation, said a delay in direct police intervention can be risky as analyses of past shootings suggest one person is killed every 15 seconds in a typical mass shooting.

“Terrorism suspects are less likely to let their hostages live, and may tell police during a mass-casualty incident – such as those in Mumbai in 2008 and in Paris last year – that they are willing to negotiate, only to prolong the media exposure of a terrorist attack,” wrote Duara.

Bracken also made mention of an attempted mass shooting at a school in Oregon that ended when injured students restrained the shooter while he was reloading, calling on those who find themselves in a mass-shooting situation to resist the shooter in any way possible.

On May 21, 1998, recently expelled student Kip Kinkel murdered his parents, traveled to Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon and began opening fire on students, killing two and wounding 25 others. When Kinkel ran out of ammunition and began to reload, wounded student Jacob Kyker tackled him and, along with a number of other students, restrained him until law enforcement arrived.

“Even if one person gets up to charge, it’ll give others courage,” Bracken said.

Florida law prohibits those with a concealed carry permit from bringing their firearm into any institution that serves alcohol, turning every club like Pulse Nightclub into gun-free zones (a.k.a. victim disarmament zones).

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