Regardless of the yeoman efforts of anti-fluoride activism, the corporatocratic Fluorosilicic Acid Market is set to grow from its current market value of more than $670 million to over $1 billion by 2025, as reported in the latest study by Global Market Insights, Inc.

While the runoff chemical known as Atrazine does change the sex of amphibians and turns the frogs gay, regardless of David Hogg’s mindless hypocrisy, now the public is gradually being told the truth about PFAS or forever chemicals, something the EPA sat on for over 20 years.

The ugly truth is that drinking water across the United States is heavily contaminated with fluorinated “forever chemicals” at levels far higher than previously thought, according to a new study.

PFAS are called “forever chemicals” because many do not break down in the environment, instead building up in the blood and organs over time.

Fortunately, we may all choose to filter our own water, proving yet again that the taxpayer-funded government bureaucrats aren’t looking out for the people that ultimately sign their paychecks.

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