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April 7, 2014

Greetings from Times-Are-Really-Tough (TART) Land!

Here we are in the greatest depression since… er… The Great Depression, and nobody’s writing about it, because… um… why again?

O but wait, that’s right: Woohoo, the “recession” is over! The economy is picking up! Things are rosy all over! How do we know? Because all the mainstream pundits say so! LOL.

Meanwhile, back in TARTLand…

I’m going to be writing a series from my own perspective about what it’s like for a “regular” person having the food-bank experience for the very first time. That is, for folks who never envisioned themselves being in such a position – ever! – but, well, now that everyone’s one part-time paycheck away from complete and utter destitution…

You/me/anyone could be next.

And NO disrespect meant at all to the millions of homeless who have already experienced ALL these indignities, inconveniences and SO much more. (Anyone who knows me knows my heart for the homeless.) Homelessness is a topic that is already fairly well documented and thank goodness for it.

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