The United Nations is gaining control over the US/Mexico border, Border Patrol agents warned in 2014 at the same time other agents said the Obama administration was ordering the Border Patrol to release illegals at bus stations to ship them deeper into the US.

The UN revelation is worth reporting again after a Texas news station revealed that over 100 illegals are now being dropped off at the McAllen, Texas, bus station, affirming what Infowars exclusively broke in 2014 is still going on.

Border Patrol agents were the source of that information which led to the 2014 investigation.

Similarly, in 2014 two anonymous Border Patrol agents told radio host Dave Hodges that under the pretense of labeling illegal aliens “refugees,” the UN is “calling the shots” on America’s border and the UN is deciding which immigrants to ship to various parts of the US.

And now the UN’s increasing involvement with American affairs is in the public’s attention after a citizen-journalist spotted UN tactical vehicles — with bulletproof glass — rolling down the Interstate near Lexington, Virginia, on June 24.

One of the Border Patrol agents said UN personnel are already present at various detention facilities in the American Southwest, according to Hodges, and are working with Homeland Security agents in “gathering MS-13 gangsters, captured from different roundups, patch worked together as a group and then shipped together to various locations on the perimeter of the United States.”

“I objected to admitting MS-13 gangsters into the U.S. and I was told that we have our orders to treat them like anyone else,” the other agent told Hodges.

Hodges says that he asked one of the agents how they knew the immigrants were MS-13 and he told him they could tell “by the tattoos.”

“He recounted the fact that MS-13 operatives will have a tattoo with tears on their face which represents a person that they have murdered in the commission of their drug related duties,” Hodges reported. “He said he processed an MS-13 member who had nine tears on his face and he was told to process him as an ‘unaccompanied juvenile refugee.'”

Since then, police have been encountering MS-13 in increasing numbers, including the leader of a Houston area gang who was convicted of hacking a 14-year-old boy to death with a machete near Katy, Texas.

“The Houston Chronicle reported the man is a citizen of El Salvador but did not list his immigration status,” Breitbart reported.

The UN’s involvement on the border is also alarming given how the EU is now proposing a European superstate in which current EU nations, such as Germany, France and Greece, would morph into a dictatorship ran by an unelected bureaucracy much like the UN.

Many of the technocrats in the EU also hold positions of power at the UN, and in 2005 the Council on Foreign Relations, which helped create the UN, met with the Mexican government to discuss the implementation of a “North American Union” in which the U.S., Mexico and Canada would morph into one entity like the EU.

“We are asking the leaders of the United States, Mexico, and Canada to be bold and adopt a vision of the future that is bigger than, and beyond, the immediate problems of the present,” CFR member and former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister John P. Manley wrote. “They could be the architects of a new community of North America, not mere custodians of the status quo.”

An EU-style North American Union would be easier to implement if the U.S. lacks effective borders, which explains the UN’s interest in the US border – which exceeds its “humanitarian” cover story –
and why the establishment keeps attacking presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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