Then-First Lady Hillary Clinton spoke to the dead during seances, but refused to speak to Jesus Christ when her spiritual adviser suggested it, according to journalist Bob Woodward.

Hillary attempted to keep the rituals with adviser Jean Houston a secret during the Clinton administration, but they were later revealed in Woodward’s 1996 book The Choice.

According to Woodward:

“Talk with Jesus Christ, Houston proposed next. Jesus was the epitome of the wounded, betrayed and isolated, and Houston liked to quote his words in the Gospel of Thomas, ‘What you have within you that you express will save you, and what you have within you that you do not express will destroy you.’

That would be too personal, Hillary finally said, declining to address Jesus.”

Her refusal to speak to Christ is revealing given the latest Wikileaks revelations that her campaign staff attends satanic black magic rituals.

Furthermore, Clinton insider Larry Nichols recounted a conversation he had with Bill Clinton, who admitted that Hillary was part of a witch’s coven which met in California.

“Bill told me that she was going out there, she and a group of women, and she would be a part of a witch’s church,” he said. “Man, when Bill told me that, she could have hit me with a baseball bat.”

“I tried to point out to him, ‘Do you realize what would happen if that got out?’ Of course my job was to make sure it didn’t get out.”

Bill Clinton himself sought a Voodoo ceremony in Haiti prior to the 1992 presidential election and later in 1995 to ensure his second term.

“As time would tell, Clinton paid more than a politician’ s lip service to the practice of Voodoo,” reported the Canada Free Press. “According to the Haiti Observateur, ‘During a March 31, 1995 visit to Haiti under Aristide’ s restored rule, Clinton took part in a Voodoo initiative ceremony intended to keep him impervious to Republican attacks and to guarantee his re-election.’”

Ironically, after Hillary fainted at the 9/11 memorial in New York City, Bill told CBS reporter Charlie Rose she was “worked like a demon.”

And Hillary’s close mentor who sparked her political career, community organizer Saul Alinsky, dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to “Lucifer, the original radical who gained his own kingdom.”

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