An FBI employee pled guilty in court for passing along sensitive information to the Communist Chinese government even as known Chinese agent Hillary Clinton is allowed to continue running for president.

Kun Shan Chun, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Guangdong, China, was accused of collecting highly sensitive information from his post as an electronic technician at the FBI’s Manhattan Field Office and transmitting it to Chinese businesses and government officials.

According to prosecutors, Chun used his work computer to downloaded an FBI organizational chart in 2013, which he provided to the Chinese. In addition, Chun took photographs of documents that provided details about “multiple surveillance technologies used by the FBI” and forwarded them to a Chinese government official.

While the exact cause of their initial suspicion remains unclear, an FBI agent posing as a Chinese-born American citizen contracted with the Defense Department approached Chun and expressed interest in passing sensitive information to the Chinese government.

Chun reportedly told the undercover agent that his handler in China provided him prostitutes and had sent money to his parents in return for information. During a meeting in Hungary, Chun told the undercover agent that he knew the Chinese government was actively involved in recruiting people who could assist with espionage activities in return for assistance with immigration benefits and other compensation.

Officials at the Justice Department claimed that Chun and some of his relatives had maintained relationships with several Chinese businessmen affiliated with the technology manufacturing company Zhuhai Kolion, as well as with at least one government official. Beginning around 2006, Chun reportedly performed research and consulted on Kolion’s behalf  in return for foreign travel.

The idea that a relatively low-level FBI employee would be arrested for providing sensitive information to the Communist Chinese government while a high-ranking Chinese agent like Hillary Clinton is allowed to continue running for President of the United States is not surprising.

Hillary Clinton reportedly met Chinese billionaire Wang Wenliang during a fundraiser at her Washington D.C. home in September 2013. Barely a month later, Wenliang made a $500,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation; ultimately, he would give a total of $2 million to the foundation.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Clinton’s running mate and a former director on the Clinton Global Initiative, was running for office himself when he invited Wenliang to that fundraiser with Clinton. The fundraiser was held three weeks after one of Wang’s companies, West Legend Corp., donated $60,000 to McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign (McAuliffe received a total of $120,000 in contributions from the company).

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