You know your friend who writes about the new diet they’re on, or about how healthy they’ve been eating lately?

Shame them the next time you see them, because they’re apparently causing eating disorders. Haven’t you heard the new trend? It’s time to shame the fat-shamers. Their health-shaming has becoming downright shameful. Confused? Good.

Here are the concerns of “professional” nutritionists

Many of the Instagrammers who are influential with young teenage girls are helping to fuel a rise in “orthorexia”, an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy, according to experts.

Fiona Hunter, a qualified consultant nutritionist, said a new accessibility to unqualified advice via social media – as well as to “alternative” foods in supermarkets – has allowed young women with unhealthy food relationships to hide their issue behind a new language of “clean” or “healthy” eating.

Okay, first off, I get it. There are some naturally skinny bloggers out there who feel qualified to dispense nutritional advice despite not having the slightest clue. Green smoothies? Veganism? No more fat? Barring some exceptions, these are fads peddled by chicks in yoga pants. I. Get. It.


That being said, the experts aren’t merely concerned about fad dieters. They seem more pre-occupied with “healthy eating” blogs causing disorders due to underlying shame. Hmmm, remember when the “fat pride” people said health came in all shapes and sizes? Like, yesterday. How does this new cellulite wrinkle juxtapose with suggesting “clean eating” should be viewed as problematic?

As far as the “qualified experts” are concerned…well these are the same people who gave us the food pyramid. Wait, what’s the problem with the food pyramid? Glad you asked. For decades, the food “experts” encouraged the general population to eat five bowls of cereal in place of steak and broccoli. It was the “healthy” thing to do. These food “experts” are the same reason your foods are loaded with trans-fats, which the “experts” are now trying to ban. Confused? It’s an appropriate response. These self-designated food “experts” wanted to dispense saturated animal fats, thus lobbying the government for hydrogenated vegetable oil alternatives. Guess what? Turns out, the “experts”…


Often “professional experts” are politically motivated. It’s proven true time and time again especially in the face of nutritional science. You know what shouldn’t be controversial to experts? Like at all? Encouraging people to adopt “clean” or “healthy” eating habits! I’d also add if a qualification for blogging is that you had to be a “qualified expert” in what you’re writing about, there wouldn’t be any bloggers.

It all goes back to personal responsibility, because your health is the most important thing in your life. If you don’t have health, you don’t have a life. If you feel you need to make changes (we all do and/or have) and you can’t do your own due diligence, maybe it’s not the bloggers fault you have problems. It’s also not an “experts” fault. It’s yours. By the way, nearly all general health-related problems can be fixed through some very, very simple steps.

  • Exercise.
  • Eat good, whole foods.
  • Get some sleep.

Get the appropriate blood-work done with your family doctor to ensure account for any rate-limiting genetic factors (which are exceedingly rare) and get to work. There’s no reason, zero, that within three to six months, you can’t be a whole new person. No “expert” required. You’re welcome.

Oh, and a side note to bloggers. When I Google a recipe, I don’t want to ready your life story before I get to the actual recipe. And about that “healthy” veganism…

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