The Trump camp’s firing of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski should help smooth the flow of information to the presumptive GOP nominee, consummate Trump insider Roger Stone exclusively disclosed on the Alex Jones Show Monday.

“You need to have the unity of command,” Stone said, referring to a possible power struggle between Lewandowski and campaign chairman Paul Manafort. “A campaign cannot be a democracy; it must be a dictatorship, and all power must flow from the candidate. The candidate is the ultimate boss. The candidate has the ultimate authority and he needs to delegate that to one person, not a committee.”

The Trump campaign abruptly announced it was severing ties with the campaign manager Monday, sending shockwaves throughout the political arena.

Reluctant to go into the minutiae of what may have occurred, Stone dismissed Lewandowski’s firing as a major shakeup, while noting his confidence in long time fellow Republican operative Paul Manafort.

“I have every confidence in Paul Manafort’s ability to guide, or help guide the Trump campaign to success – to victory. I also think you’re going to have a smoother flow of information to the candidate.”

Pressed on what Lewandowski’s firing portends for the future of the Trump campaign, Stone iterated it is likely a positive development, but emphasized the campaign needs to refocus its efforts to defeat the “well oiled Clinton machine” in November.

“In many cases I think the campaign was hamstrung by dual authorities and countermanded orders, but I don’t think it’s productive to go into a long discussion of everything that was wrong with the campaign,” Stone said.

It’s achieved historic things under the leadership of Donald Trump and you certainly saw in the New York, Indiana, California, Pennsylvania primaries a smoother running political operation – there’s no question the Trump camp is playing catch up ball. They need a communications director, they need additional field staff, they need additional party professionals.”

“But I think now the deck is cleared to do that and to build a smaller, leaner, more guerrilla oriented campaign that is still large enough and fast enough to compete with the well oiled Clinton machine – which as you know is a massive political machine.”

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