An Odessa protestor speaks out about a recent Reopen Texas Rally, which ended with a local sheriff bringing in a tank and SWAT team to hold citizens at gunpoint.

The police arrested a group of armed demonstrators and a bar owner during the protest of Texas’ order mandating businesses to close.

A Midland, Texas flower shop owner talked with Infowars reporter Savanah Hernandez and provided footage of the SWAT team arresting the owner of the bar and a patron who questioned the police.

“We can go to a restaurant now and spend all day at the restaurant drinking, but you can’t go to a bar and have a drink,” the Texas small business owner explained. “You can go to Walmart and the big box stores and the grocery stores and everything, and nobody can apparently catch the coronavirus there, but if you open up your gym or your salon or your small business, then all of a sudden you’re putting lives in danger.”

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