President Trump has been in a battle over the various Inspector General Offices – the frontline between the Trump administration and the DC swamp.

Recently fired Inspector General of the State Department, Steve Linick, was a major source of leaks and colluded with former Inspector General Michael Atkinson to create the appearance of a ‘whistleblower’ (Eric Ciaramella) to act as cover for a wiretap, aka the NSA over collection problem used to spy on all Americans including candidate and now President Trump, his campaign and staff. This illicit collection of data was set up under Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan’s direction.

According to cybersecurity sources, Edward Snowden created a data bridge from the NSA database into private servers controlled by private intelligence and cybersecurity contractors such as the Analysis Corporation, Global Strategies Group, and their nested shell corporations. Snowden’s actions kick-off, on the federal level, justification for spying on all US Citizens, including the Senate and Congress, in the name of preventing Americans with classified and top secret clearances from being able to repeat Snowdens actions.

According to Patrick Bergy, the pioneer of the psychological warfare program known publicly as the Shadownet, “In 2013, following the Edward Snowden leaking of classified information, components of the ShadowNet and its iPsy relational social media profile database were used in the development of a new application, ClearForce, by adding real-time social-media, criminal, financial, medical, travel and other personally identifiable information (PII), then analyzing it using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The ClearForce application then creates, “predictive” behavioral profiles of their targets to determine if they are likely to steal or leak classified information. The ClearForce application was turned into the ClearForce corporation and opened to the public on or around December 2016.”

According to Tore, a former contractor for John Brennan’s the Analysis Corporation, the twinned stream of data Snowden set up for Brennan is what provides the personal identifiable information for ClearForce. Retired General James Jones, former National Security Adviser under Present Obama, and retired General Michael Hayden, former Director of the CIA under Obama, are not only board members of ClearForce but are simultaneously key advisors for Wikistrat. According to Wikistrat insiders, Wikistrat was able to piggyback Wikileaks’ servers. This is enabled them to go after whistleblowers that leaked information to Wikileaks and ultimately go after Julien Assange.

With all of this corruption in place and with Obama administration operatives serving as the Inspector Generals of key intelligence and law enforcement agencies, the deep state had secured their ability to control leaks, blackmail, and monitor the backchannels of the United States government.

On April 3, 2020 President Trump fired Michael Atkinson, the Intelligence Community Inspector General. He was fired for taking the fake whistleblower complaint to congress which initiated the bogus impeachment of President Trump. Atkinson had retroactively changed the rules for whistleblowing so that they could accept secondhand and tertiary information as ‘whistleblowing’.

On April 7, 2020 President Trump removed Glenn Fine, the acting Inspector General of the Defense of Department, keeping him from chairing the congressionally-mandated Pandemic Response Accountability Committee to overseeing a two-trillion dollar budget for the pandemic. Firing Glenn Fine cleared the way for Trump to defunding the World Health Organization without facing a second impeachment.

On May 1, President Trump fired Christi Grimm, who wrote a report claiming the Trump Administration didn’t provide enough medical supplies to hospitals alleging it caused unnecessary delays. This report was based on outdated and inaccurate information. She also leaked a politically motivated whistleblower report to the media rather than acting on it in her official capacity knowing it had no merit.

Then, on May 15, 2020, President Trump fired Steve Linick, the Inspector General of the State Department. He worked with Democrats to provide state department officio nata to act as witnesses against the President during the impeachment hearing. Linick oversaw all of the State Department corruption involved in Benghazi and Ukraine, such as laundered USAID money, and did nothing to stop any of it.

This purge of Inspector Generals helps clear the way for President Trump to appoint new Inspector Generals to actually conduct oversight.

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