Update #2: We’ve been told that the @DRUDGE_REPORT account is a fan account and that the only Twitter account officially known to be associated with Matt Drudge is @DRUDGE. Adding to the confusion is the fact that the @DRUDGE_REPORT account was previously vague as to its relation with Matt Drudge, and that the account has remained on Twitter for quite some time. Apparently Matt Drudge had even distanced himself from the @DRUDGE_REPORT account during one of the mass Twitter purges of “unofficial” accounts. We’re happy to make this correction, and the article below has been modified to reflect this new information.

Update: A screenshot has been added to reflect changes made by the @DRUDGE_REPORT Twitter account that now says “This is a FAN account.”

The @DRUDGE_REPORT Twitter account claims Matt Drudge no longer runs his flagship website The Drudge Report.

The account’s bio on Twitter describes The Drudge Report as a news aggregation website that Matt Drudge used to run, and suggests it was formerly based in the U.S., all of which has fueled massive speculation about the Drudge Report on social media.

“The DRUDGE REPORT was a U.S. based news aggregation website run by Matt Drudge (@DRUDGE),” the bio reads.

The mysterious change to the Twitter bio comes as several other conservatives try to compete with Drudge with their own news aggregation websites, such as BonginoReport.com, TheLibertyDaily.com, and Gab Trends.

Alex Jones offered several theories on what’s really going on.

“Taking [the bio change] at face value, one of three things has happened: Drudge accidentally made two typos in his Twitter bio [if the account is really ran by him] in the middle of this huge Drudge Report controversy, Matt Drudge has sold the Drudge Report and is cryptically signaling in his mysterious style, or he’s been kidnapped by drooling deep staters who have now stolen his identity,” Jones said.

“But regardless, the ever-reclusive Drudge needs to make a public appearance soon or the suspense will only continue to be hyped, which we know he hates.”

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