Dr. Deborah Birx, President Trump’s coronavirus adviser, is now telling all Americans to accept the “new normal” of wearing a face mask after she pressured Tennessee officials to require mandatory mask wearing in public.

Dr. Birx, who stepped into the spotlight as the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator after the department of Dr. Anthony Fauci, says that wearing a face mask is the “next phase” of the coronavirus recovery and even tactically agreed to a federal face mask mandate.

“We have this new normal, and guess what we’re saying and asking every American to do is to adopt this new normal,” she told Sinclair Broadcast Group.

And, when asked if she would support a federal mask mandate, Dr. Birx said “every single public health official” would love it if “every single American wore a mask every single day.”

She had recently pushed Tennessee officials to require mask wearing in public, even in rural areas.

“I hope if they’re a Donald Trump supporter and live in rural Tennessee and they heard him say masks are important, I hope they’re listening to that,” she said.

This certainly won’t sit well with Trump’s base, who were told back in March to wear a mask to “flatten the curve” before the goal posts shifted to wearing a mask indefinitely.

Trump’s base is already upset after several states, most of the Republican, recently decided to shut down once again, dampening any economic recovery from the first wave of state lockdowns.

One of President Trump’s glowing weaknesses has been an over-reliance on advisers who don’t resonate with his support base, a trait which he carried over from his business days that hasn’t worked as well in politics.

Trump could easily lose re-election if he comes off as ‘watered down’ to his supporters, killing their enthusiasm for him, or if they feel his advisers are the ones calling the shots.

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