Democrats are joining forces with Big Tobacco to stop the exploding eCigarette industry.

Under pressure from the Big Tobacco lobby, the Democratic Federal Drug Administration has extended regulations of tobacco products to eCigs, which ironically could flip hipster Bernie Sanders voters to Trump.

Major tobacco companies fear the rise of vaping, but instead of competing with the upstart industry in the free market, they’d rather outlaw it out of existence by forcing them to adhere to expensive rules only Big Tobacco can afford.

“In terms of what they’re trying to do, they want to limit competition and encourage the cartelization of their markets,” Case Western University law professor Jonathan H. Adler told the Observer. “They want regulation of e-cigarettes because it lessens the competitive threat to traditional cigarettes and because it makes the remaining e-cigarette market something that’s easier for them to dominate.”

The anti-vaping movement is also getting help from the major health companies behind Obamacare because eCigs, which many smokers transition to while quitting, threaten their $100 billion investment in smoking-cessation products covered under Obamacare.

“As someone who, thanks to vaping, was able to quit the deadly habit after decades of smoking myself, this is a very disturbing development,” wrote Brad Friedman of the left-leaning Daily Kos. “It’s made even more disturbing by the particular big-name Democrats… who support the new regulations that will only help both Big Tobacco.”

And this Democratic alliance with anti-vaping forces is alienating young, hipster Bernie Sander supporters who represent a large portion of vapers, and these voters are already disgusted with mega-corporations controlling everything.

It wouldn’t take much for them to vote Trump over Hillary if Sanders is out of the race, especially considering that 50% already support the GOP nominee.

Despite their different ideologies – Sanders a socialist and a Trump a Reaganesque nationalist – both candidates are populists who are viewed as outsiders, unlike the Wall St.-financed Clinton.

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